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Sports Medicine
​Our practice deals primarily with injuries to tendons and ligaments, as well as early cartilage loss.  Through various open and arthroscopic approaches, we seek to fix or replace that which is damaged with a minimum of collateral damage.  Shoulder, elbow, hip, knee or ankle problems? We'll work hard with you and your Physical Therapist to find a solution.  
​Our team is dedicated to getting you moving again.  We offer a comprehensive approach to treatment, including preventative strategies to avoid future injury and protected early rehabilitation to accelerate healing.  
Adult Reconstruction
Despite our best efforts, sometimes our bodies fail us.  Don't let arthritis pain rule your life - there is a better way.  Joint replacement of the shoulder, hip or knee can help restore mobility and function, while also decreasing pain.  
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Bones break - that's a fact of life.  We're here to help you heal and recover.  Our focus is to return you to activity and to restore your quality of life.